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These patterns and articles are protected by copyright.  Permission is granted by the copyright owner (Sister Clark) for individuals, wards, stakes, sites, and interested groups to print multiple copies for free, educational use.  These patterns may not be sold, included in any guide or pack that is sold, or used to make items that will be sold.  They may be copied and included in free participant packs or guides.

Overview Articles

How To Prepare for Your Pioneer Trek
How To Choose Pioneer Clothing Patterns
How To Dress Like a Pioneer Girl
How To Dress Like a Pioneer Woman

How to Dress Like a Pioneer Man

How to Organize a Sewing Day

How to Stay Clean on the Trail


Historic Clothing Patterns

These patterns conform to the shapes, styles, and techniques in use for the early Pioneer era, roughly 1840-1865, and can be completed by even novice sewists, by hand or by machine.  If you have any questions, or need help, contact Sister Clark directly, or post your question in the Trek Tech forum.


How to Make a Pioneer Sunbonnet
How To Make Pioneer Petticoats
How To Make a Pioneer Shawl
How To Make a Pioneer Apron
Still to come:
How to Make a Pioneer Neckerchief